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Unique & Personalised Artwork, Sculpture & Models

A few frequently asked questions about commissioning something unique from Longline Studio.

Whether you have a specific requirement or just an idea, I can work with you to create a superb artwork, model or sculpture for you to treasure. I’ll happily look at absolutely any idea you have no matter how simple, complex, conventional or abstract it may be.

What materials do you use ?

I mainly work in wood, ( I have an excellent supplier for a wide range of hardwoods) plastics/composites, metals and also sedimentary stone, however if your commission requires other specialities such as leatherwork or glasswork, silversmithing and the like then I have a network of talented artisans in these, and other fields to call on to contribute.

What size of sculpture & models do you do?

Nowadays I tend to work mainly in smaller sizes (although I have no upper or lower size limitations). Most pieces I create would fit in a half-metre square box. However, If your commission is for a large or heavy piece then I can turn to other specialist artisans to assist in all aspects of production.

How long does it take to create?

It all depends on the size and complexity of piece you require. A simple carved wooden base or simple personalisation can be completed within a couple of days or a complex sculpture or model can take several weeks.

Longline Studio has evolved over the years from a commercial set-up towards a more artisan way of working. I no longer work to hard deadlines as the creative process (and paint drying times) can be a fickle thing that is incompatible with deadlines. I always give an estimation of how long your commission will take. Most of the time I complete within a few days either side of my estimate. I’d rather take proper time to create something absolutely perfect for you.

I work on each commission in strict order. I always complete one before I start another. This means I sometimes have a waiting list of several weeks but it allows my full attention to be given to your project which in turn ensures best results.

Please bear in mind that there may be a waiting list if you are looking for something for a specific time or event. Generally I would advise contacting me at least 6 months before you require a completed commission.

How much does a commission cost?

The price of a commission depends on the amount of time it takes, the materials required and the delivery type required. I have recently worked on commissions that have cost £30 right up to £2600.

If you have a budget, let me know how much you are looking to spend. I always look to find solutions to any budget.

I will always work out a full and detailed quotation for you which will include delivery costs.

What do I need to provide for commissioning something?

If your commission requires something exact, such as a scale model then I will need as much information as you can get. Scale drawings and photographs are a must. Either digital or hard copy formats.

For commissions that are creative or artistic based then All I would need to start with is a rough sketch or even a written description of what you are looking for. I can create something with the end result in mind and let the piece develop organically, changing and altering the design, materials and processes as I go. With artistic work I always liaise closely with you so that the size, colours and materials and design elements are to your liking.

Do you use laser cutting and 3D printing?

I am a hand-crafter /artist and I don't have any computer controlled machinery. I don't take on any purely Laser cut or 3d print commissions. However, if your commission requires the use of laser or 3d print elements, I will outsource that part to a local commercial contractor. In this case, I would require you to provide all the required “print ready” computer files (usually in a .DXF format).

How do I get my finished commission?

I often personally deliver in the Central Scotland area but if you are further afield, even overseas than I will use either a courier service or specialist art movers as required. This will be discussed at the initial stages and will be included in your quotation.

Who do you take commissions from?

Anybody!!! From individuals to corporations and everything in between. Most of my commission work nowadays is from individuals looking for something artistically special. There is far less requirement these days for hand-crafted work in commerce or industry but I do get the occasional interesting outing back to my commercial modelmaking roots.

I don't have the interest or inclination to incorporate modern CAD/CAM, laser cutting and 3d printing that commercial work requires these days, so Longline Studio will always cater for more traditional requirements.

I don’t live locally. Can I commission work from afar?

Certainly. Over the years, I have worked on several commissions from overseas. There are very few things I have worked on that cannot be sent worldwide. There is always a transport option to get your commission to you.

Can I come and visit the studio?

Unfortunately no. I do not have the facilities to accept visitors to the workshop. Once inside the door it is full of tools, materials and production benches. (And often wet paint) As there is no reception room, my insurance does not cover visitors. This is why I will visit you if practical and I keep in regular contact using emailed photographs during the commission process.