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The wood I use for these products is Ash, a beautiful hardwood tree that has a lot of uses, meanings and respect in Scotland.

In Scotland, our ancestors believed the Ash tree (which in Gaelic is called uinsinn, pronounced ooshin) had a range of protective and healing properties, most frequently related to child health. Babies were given the astringent sap of the tree as a medicine and as a protection against witch-craft. Ailing children, especially those suffering with weak limbs, would be passed through a cleft in an ash tree to cure them. The cleft was often specifically made for the purpose and bound together again after the ceremony to heal over as the child also healed. It is believed that the wood has the power to ward off malevolent spirits. For this reason, the Ash is often found growing near holy wells and sacred springs.

Greek Poet, Hesiod claimed the first man was born from the Ash tree. This belief was given to the old custom of planting an Ash tree at the birth of each baby. The state of the tree served as an indicator of that person's health and strength.

To the Celts, the Ash tree represents the World Tree or Tree of Life. It has roots deep in the earth and its branches reach upwards to the heavens. It thus represents the connection between the three worlds of the Underworld, Earth, and the Spiritual Realm. It is also taken to represent the integration of past, present and future.