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St. Madoes Pictish Cross

St. Madoes Cross is a depiction of the central device of the 9th Century, St.Madoes Pictish cross slab which is now housed at Perth museum. This cross displays symbol elements of knotwork and Greek influenced Keywork which represents the interweaving of the Spiritual path, the flowing of Time and Movement within That Which is Eternal. The central spiral symbols represent forward motion of personal growth and spiritual development

Pictish Crosses are found in Scotland, mostly north of the Clyde-Forth line, and on the Eastern side of the country. These monuments are the most visible remaining evidence of the Picts and are thought to date from the 6th to 9th centuries, a period during which the Picts became Christianized. It has often been claimed that the Pictish crosses as with the Celtic High Cross combined the symbol of Christianity with the sun cross, to give pagan followers an idea of the importance of the cross by linking it with the idea of the life-giving properties of the sun.

The cross symbol is thought to be a meeting place and recepticle for divine energies. This sculpture carries the spirit of the Pictish craftsmen and embodies the virtues of the cross

Resin cast reproduction of Stuart Fellowes’ original sculpture.

H=205mm W=105mm

C16 St. Madoes Pictish Cross

£ 16.00

Free postage to UK addresses Rest of the world = £5

St Madoes, Pictish, Cross, Stuart Fellowes, Longline Studio St Madoes, Pictish, Cross, Stuart Fellowes, Longline Studio

The original cross stone from St. Madoes