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This piece is an accurate scale model of the castle. Many hours are spent on researching, photographing and measuring before I take that information to my workbench and begin carving the original model from which this resin reproduction is made. It is exquisitely detailed to a very high standard and I go to great lengths to include as much detail and texture as possible even down to having every stone and roof slate carved individually. Each reproduction model then takes a considerable time to cast and paint.

Stirling Castle sits high above the town of Stirling on a rock formation that is some 350 million years old. This historic fortress dominates the landscape and history. Originally the site of a Pictish fort, King Alexander built a chapel there in 1110 which grew into a Royal Castle. It was expanded by successive Kings until 1298 when the English King Edward I invaded Scotland and took Stirling Castle, starting the Wars of Independence. The English were dislodged a year later by William Wallace following the Battle of Stirling Bridge. In the following centuries there many phases of building and expansion with new buildings displaying a mix of Scottish, English, French and German architectural styles.

Eventually Stirlings importance as a Royal castle declined and it became a military centre, including for a time in the 17th century, a prison for persons of rank. Latterly until 1964 the castle was the barracks and headquarters of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Regiment. Today the Regimental museum is housed at the castle.

This model is an accurate representation of how Stirling Castle looks today.

Stirling Castle

Hand Painted. Resin-cast reproduction of Stuart Fellowes’ original sculpture.

Size: H=50mm W=210mm D=100mm

A 03 Stirling Castle

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