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Saltire Scotland Map

This design & sculpture by Stuart Fellowes, was inspired by Celtic and Pictish carved rock art. It depicts an outline map of Scotland carved into a stone to reveal the Saltire flag within.

The Saltire is the national flag of Scotland and with a white diagonal cross on a blue background, it represents the crucifixion of the Apostle, St, Andrew, Scotland’s patron saint, who refused to be nailed to a cross the same shape as that of Jesus, so was crucified on a diagonal cross.

Legend states that the flag originated from a battle fought at the village of Athelstaneford in AD 832. An army of Picts under King Angus invaded the Lothian territory and found itself surrounded by a larger force of Saxons, led by King Athelstan. Fearing the outcome, King Angus led prayers for deliverance and was rewarded by seeing a cloud formation of a white cross against the blue sky. King Angus then had a vision in which St. Andrew appeared to him and assured him of victory. Angus then vowed that St Andrew thereafter would become the Patron saint of Scotland. The Picts did win and the Saltire became the flag of Scotland.

This piece comes ready with a hanging hole on the rear to enable it to be hung flush to the wall from a pin-nail.

Hand painted. Resin cast reproduction of Stuart Fellowes’ original sculpture.

Size: H=280mm W=215mm

W03 Saltire Scotland

£ 35.00

Ships worldwide