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St. Oran’s Celtic Cross (Iona)

This piece is a miniature depiction of Saint Oran’s Celtic cross on Iona. Presented as a re-construction of how the cross looked when it was first carved in the 8th Century AD

Standing more than 11 feet tall, St. Oran’s cross was carved probably at the request Óengus son of Fergus, king of the Picts, who conquered Iona around 741 A.D, and it thought to be the first Celtic High Cross ever made.

The carved symbols on the cross are fusions of the Pagan Celtic and early Christian symbols. The spirals, Celtic symbols of the intertwining of heaven and earth, were adopted into Celtic Christianity, as were the snakes, whose shedding of their skin symbolized Christ’s resurrection. Five rounded bosses in the central panel, represent the number of wounds Christ suffered.

The Cross also portrays detailed carved Biblical scenes, like the image of Daniel in the Lion’s Den on the left cross-arm. In the center below the cross arm is an image of the Virgin Mary holding the infant Christ flanked by angels on either side. This is one of the earliest images of Virgin and Child known. The right cross-arm shows a depiction of an angel and demon fighting over the soul of St Oran, a sight St. Columba claimed to have witnessed on Oran’s death. This panel is speculation as the original image is entirely lost to time leaving no clues.

This piece comes ready with a hanging hole on the rear to enable it to be hung flush to the wall from a pin-nail.

The original cross from Iona

Hand painted. Resin cast reproduction of Stuart Fellowes’ original sculpture.

Size: H=180mm W=65mm

C02 Saint Oran’s Celtic Cross

£ 16.00

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