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Saint Andrew Memorial

This miniature memorial piece is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Scotland, Saint Andrew.

Andrew was a Galilean fisherman before he became a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Andrew was first recognised as an official Patron Saint of Scotland in 1320 at the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath, which was an appeal to the Pope by Scottish Noblemen proclaiming Scottish independence from England.

The presence of Andrew’s relics in the Fife town of St. Andrews, a tooth and some bone fragments, meant that the town became a popular medieval pilgrimage site. However, the relics were destroyed in the 16th century during the Scottish Reformation.

In 1879, the Archbishop of Amalfi gifted St. Andrews shoulder blade to St. Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh. Pope Paul VI donated further relics in 1969.

Andrew’s patronage also extends to: Maidens, Singers, Fishmongers, Spinsters and women wanting to become mothers.

Resin & Cold-cast bronze reproduction of Stuart Fellowes’ original sculpture.

H=225mm W=60mm

M04 Saint Andrew Memorial

£ 27.00

Free postage to UK addresses Rest of the world = £5

Saint Andrew, Celtic, Stuart Fellowes, Longline Studio Saint Andrew, Celtic, Stuart Fellowes, Longline Studio