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Scotland’s History and heritage in miniature

Celtic & Pictish Crosses & carved stones

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Frequently Asked Questions

What inspires your work?

Simply it is my love of Scotland's history and culture. I love to re-create in miniature, the antiquities and buildings that form the basis of Scottishr culture, art and society. My sculpture is designed to capture the spirit of Scotland and my goal is to share it with as many people as I can. There are examples of my work on every continent in the world (except Antarctica……so far) A wee bit of Scotland in far off lands.

Why the name Longline Studio?

The name relates to the fact that I come from a - long line - of artistic folk….albeit professional musicians. My Great Grandfather and his father were orchestral musicians. My 2x Great uncle was a choral singer. His 5 offspring were all professional musicians the most famous being Horace Fellowes, in his day one of the worlds leading violinists. There are many other accomplished musicians in the Fellowes family tree. Me….I have no musical talent whatsoever.  

Where did you train?

I am self developed as an artist. Artistry comes from within each of us and I learned how to use the tools and materials to enable me to express my artistry over many years. I began my career in 1986 at Angus Modelmakers Ltd as an industrial modelmaker (architectural, town planning & engineering models). I was also involved with in several small modelmaking companies, including Broch Productions in Glasgow. Using the skills I learned from the talented people in that industry, I developed them over the years to apply to the artistic work I now do. I am privileged to have worked with many fine artisans and tradesmen in my career and have exchanged ideas and techniques with them, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience that I draw on in my work today.

Do you work alone?

Mostly. The vast majority of my work is done by me from start to finish. All the design and artistic work is done by me, as is the final painting and finishing of ALL my products. There are occasions where I will bring on board and collaborate with an artisan with a specific skillset or tooling, such as a jeweller or brass founder, to work with me in the creation of a project or to assist in manufacturing processes.  

Can I commission a model or sculpture from you?

Yes. I can create models and sculpture in a wide range of materials. If you have an idea, please get in touch and we can discuss your needs and work out a quotation to create an artwork for you. Commission prices are dependant on many factors such as size, complexity and materials required. I have created commission pieces for less than £100 and ones costing in the £ thousands

 I have a broken ornament. Can you repair other artists or manufacturers work?

Yes. If it is not possible for the original artist or company to repair their own products then I can assess and design a suitable repair.

I run a retail shop, can you create exclusive products for me?

Yes. If there is something that is particular to your area then I can create a sculpture and produce reproductions for your exclusive use. There will be a minimum order required to commission such product lines.

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