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Celtic Fairy Door

Invite fairies into your home by providing them with their own enchanted door. Belief is the only invite the fairy folk require to put magic into your life.

This portal  into the fairy realm can decorate the hidden places of your home. At your skirting board, near your front door, hanging on a wall or maybe on a tree in your garden. The fairy door is locker to us mortals, only the fairy folk can open or close it.

It was a cold crisp winters evening when I heard a tiny knock at my workshop door. I opened it to let in a friendly fairy who told me of the problems the fairy folk have getting into modern houses, with all the security doors and windows nowadays. The wee fairy then commissioned me to create doorways for people to put in their home that would allow easy access for all the helpful fairies of the world to visit. Until that time, I had never heard of such a thing as a fairy door so the wee fairy got up and went over to my workbench and sketched out the design. It was a simple task then for me to sculpt and create exactly what the fairies wanted.

The door can be supplied in any of the colours illustrated (including this multi-coloured version). Please specify when ordering.

Solid Resin Cast reproduction of Stuart Fellowes’ original sculpture.

H=130mm W=80mm

F01 Celtic Fairy Door

£ 14.00

Free postage to UK addresses Rest of the world = £5

Fairy Door, Celtic, Stuart Fellowes, Longline Studio Fairy Door, Celtic, Stuart Fellowes, Longline Studio