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Celtic Thistle

This is a contemporary sculpture based on early Celtic & Pictish rock-art carvings and depicts a stylised thistle plant entwined in a Celtic knotwork pattern.

The thistle is the national flower of Scotland. There is a legend which relates how a sleeping party of Scots warriors were almost set upon by an invading band of Vikings and were only saved when one of the attackers trod on a wild thistle with his bare feet. His cries raised the alarm and the roused Scots duly defeated the Vikings In gratitude, the plant became known as the Guardian Thistle and was adopted as the symbol of Scotland.

The earliest known use for the thistle as a symbol of Scotland is to be found on coins stamped in 1470. From the 16th century it was incorporated into the Royal Coat of Arms of Scotland, along with the motto “ Nemo me impune Laecessit”, meaning “No one provokes me with impunity”. Or in Stots “Wha daurs meddle wi me”. The thistle also features in a Scots proverb: “Ye maunna tramp on the Scotch thistle laddie” (You must not step on the Scottish thistle, boy)

Indoors Wall Hanging. This piece comes ready with a hanging hole on the rear to enable it to be hung flush to a suitable wall from a pin-nail.


After many hours researching a subject, I travel the country to measure, sketch and photograph it. This information is brought to my workshop where I set about producing a detailed scale drawing. Once this is completed I use the drawing alongside the photographs to enable me to carve and sculpt the subject in miniature. This whole process  takes many hours, often running into the hundreds. At the end the miniature sculpture becomes the master model with which I make the molds. Each resin casting I make from the molds is an exact reproduction of my original sculpture. I then spend a great deal of time with each and every casting to prepare and paint it using a variety of spray and brush techniques to create a realistic representation of the original, ancient subject. Every stage of this piece you see here is crafted entirely by hand.

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Hand painted. Resin cast reproduction of Stuart Fellowes’ original sculpture.

Size: H=210mm W=130mm

W16 Celtic Thistle

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