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Celtic Doves Of Peace Triquetra

This is a contemporary sculpture based on Celtic & Pictish metal casting. It depicts a stylised Dove figures. The original of this piece was carved by Stuart Fellowes into a block of wax in the same manner that a Celtic craftsman would have done to create a “Lost Wax” bronze casting.

It is believed that whenever an animal is depicted in Celtic sculpture that it was to capture and embody the spirit and virtues of that animal in order they could be passed on to the possessor of that carving.

To the Celts and Picts, the Dove embodied: Love, Promise, Devotion, Divinity, Maternal, Messenger.

The Triquetra symbol that the Doves form, represents any trinity such as: Mother, Father, Child: Past, Present, Future: Other World, Mortal World, Celestial World: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Displaying a triquetra is thought to serve as a focus, inspiration and a physical representation of that trinity and it embodies its virtues and meanings.

Cold-cast bronze reproduction of Stuart Fellowes’ original sculpture.


W29 Celtic Doves Triquetra

£ 20.00

Free postage to UK addresses Rest of the world = £5

Doves Of Peace, Triquetra, Celtic, Stuart Fellowes, Longline Studio Doves Of Peace, Triquetra, Celtic, Stuart Fellowes, Longline Studio