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Baliscate Celtic Cross (Mull)

Baliscate (Coille Creag A’Chait) is located close to Tobermory on the Isle of Mull

It is the site of an early Celtic Chapel dating to the 7th century, remains of which have been recently found in an archaelological survey. Also found was the remains of a Leacht, a stone structure that formed the base of a standing High Cross. Amongst these remains was found a fragment of this cross. I studied this fragment and extrapolated from the curved outer edge that the cross was of a “wheel” design and its rare incised grid patterning would point to a basic and uncomplicated decorative design. The original cross is of red sand/claystone and I have sculpted a rough granite shaft for it (the material used in the leacht base) to create this artists re-construction of how the historic Baliscate cross may have looked.

The chapel at Baliscate is likely to have had an association with Iona Abbey and was founded around the time of St. Adomnán, the Abbot of Iona in the late 7th century

This sculpture also acknowledges  our ancestor Celtic craftsmen, whose work inspires my work.

Indoors Wall Hanging. This piece comes ready with a hanging hole on the rear to enable it to be hung flush to a suitable wall from a pin-nail.


After many hours researching a subject, I travel the country to measure, sketch and photograph it. This information is brought to my workshop where I set about producing a detailed scale drawing. Once this is completed I use the drawing alongside the photographs to enable me to carve and sculpt the subject in miniature. This whole process  takes many hours, often running into the hundreds. At the end the miniature sculpture becomes the master model with which I make the molds. Each resin casting I make from the molds is an exact reproduction of my original sculpture. I then spend a great deal of time with each and every casting to prepare and paint it using a variety of spray and brush techniques to create a realistic representation of the original, ancient subject. Every stage of this piece you see here is crafted entirely by hand.

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Hand Painted. Resin-cast reproduction of Stuart Fellowes’ original sculpture.

Size: H=205mm W=70mm

C26 Baliscate Celtic Cross

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