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About Stuart Fellowes

Hello, I am Stuart Fellowes, Scottish Model maker & Sculptor. Working in the City of Glasgow. I established Longline Studio in 2006 with the goal of recreating and capturing the true heritage and spirit of Scotland in realistic miniature. Over the years, my growing collection of resin cast and cold-cast metal, architectural, Celtic and Pictish ornaments and wall plaques have been gaining in popularity and collectability. My sculptures bring a wee bit of Scottish spirit into your home. It is Scottish History in miniature. Over the years, I have created and sent out wee bits of Scottish Spirit to many delighted customers all over the world. My work can be found on every continent …..with the exception of Antarctica !

I am a traditionally skilled craftsman and artist who works in a wide range of materials. Wood, metal, stone, wax & plastics are the main materials used to create my sculptures & models. Skills and techniques have been learned  in a career starting in 1986 when I began as a trainee architectural and engineering modelmaker with Glasgow company Angus Modelmakers Ltd. I have been involved with several small modelmaking companies over the years, I have gained much knowledge from many fine craftspeople in industry.

Today I have turned my commercial skills towards the artistic. Self taught as an artist with an eye for discovering and capturing the spirit and meaning of an historic object.  I am fascinated by Celtic symbology and meaning as well as the durability of the ancient craftsmen’s work. Hopefully some of my work will still be around in 1500 years time.

My style of sculpture is to capture an element of the ancient in the modern. A lot of rough edges are in my miniatures to give the feel of an item that has survived centuries. I tend to measure by eye unless I am exactly re-creating an ancient subject. I find that an “Eye sweet” look is preferable to crisp and clean accuracy. It is a big contrast from the extremely exact, crisp and square Industrial modelmaking that I started my professional career on.

My inspiration comes from a deep love of Scotland and it’s rich heritage and history of stories, images and artistry created by our ancestors. I am proud to be a part of Scotland’s creative industry.

Stuart Fellowes. Sculptor

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