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Aberlemno Pictish Cross

This is a contemporary sculpture, inspired by the 7 1/2 feet tall Pictish slab stone, found in Aberlemno kirkyard in the county of Angus.

It is a shaped red-sandstone cross slab, bearing Pictish symbols as well as Christian symbols in relief. The quality of the design and craftsmanship in the carving make this Pictish stone one of the finest dark-age monuments in the world.

Dating to the 9th Century, the Christian cross design bears several styles of Pictish pattern designs. The vertical arms are inscribed with three seperate knotwork designs, the horizontal arms with keywork designs. The centre “keystone” has spiral designs. The stone bordering the cross is covered by elaborate decorative interlaced carvings. The upper portions of the stone carry depictions of beasts  while the areas beneath the arms of the cross carry patterns formed by entwined Kelpies and serpents.

 This cross depicts the transition of the early Picts, from Pagan beliefs to Christian faith.

Cold cast bronze reproduction of Stuart Fellowes’ original sculpture.

H=205mm W=150mm

C15 Aberlemno Pictish Cross

£ 18.00

Free postage to UK addresses Rest of the world = £5

Aberlemno, Pictish, Cross, Stuart Fellowes, Longline Studio Aberlemno, Pictish, Cross, Stuart Fellowes, Longline Studio

The original cross stone at Aberlemno